12 Štýly 20x50cm kuchyňa Lepidlo na Dlaždice Umenie Poschodí Nálepky vinilo cocina decorativos para porovnanie vinylové podlahy Kúpeľňa #40

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Štítky: vinilo removibles, 3d poschodí nálepky, oheň, drevo vinyl, kúpeľňa produkt, auto film zábal, kuchyňa mozaika, nálepku porovnanie om, nordic chladnička, dlaždice dlaždice nálepky, samolepiace fólie obklady.

SKU : w450 Kategória:Home Decor

  • Špecifikácia: Single-piece Package
  • Scenáre: STENY
  • u: Pre kuchyňa
  • b: anime
  • Materiál: Papier
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • d: Dekorácie
  • Klasifikácia: Pre Chladničky
  • f: Nástenné Hodiny
  • Tému: Festival
  • h: vase
  • g: Samolepky Na Stenu
  • Vzor: Lietadlo Nálepka Na Stenu
  • c: Home Decor
  • a: Plagát
  • e: Nálepky
  • j: Ramadánu Dekorácie
  • Štýl: Európa

20x50cm Adhesive Tile Art Floor Wall Decal Sticker DIY Kitchen Bathroom Decor

Product Description

Add a water sheild in the surface layer of the product, has the function to prevent water and moist, then use duster cloth to clean dirty

An intimate package with one square meter, you can choose the quantity according to your using area

Designs for the home give a touch of glamour and exquisite décor to every house for a minimal cost.

Mix and match the different designs to create a unique atmosphere.

Simple to stick on, can change the bald white floor and other boring types, give your home an entirely new look

Tile art peel & stick can be applied to bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, doors, drawers, or any other smooth surface.

Apply to wall decoration, floor decoration, glasses decoration, decorations of skirting line and waistline

From decorative wall tile vinyl stickers to vinyl mats and even drain covers – the most ordinary items are dressed with authentic design that makes all the difference for the house.

Redecorate and upgrade your space by applying TILE ART in a variety of patterns, styles and colors.

Bring on the color-decorative products for the house which are both useful and beautiful.

Self-adhesive Stickers,with high quality of pigment, high density image, traditional European style, emulate in high grade

TILE ART can be used on ceramics, wood, glass, porcelain, or stone and is removable without damaging the application surface.

Product Parameter:

Prodct Size: A roll about 20 cm * 50 cm

Texture: PVC

Product List:

1x A roll Tile Sticker

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  • Mommyangel711  — 

    I got it. It's a little small. But I bought about 10 and I almost got a wall.

  • Volik 93  — 

    Layer is pretty thin and prześwituje pattern available under it.